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Philippians 1:5-11 Study – Filled in

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S = Scripture:  Philippians 1:5-11

E = Explanation

  •  There is a connection between believers that are unified in the message of Christ that is very special. 
  • Together (as the church) an individually God has begun making changes in each one of us and will continue that working in each one of us until whatever goal he has for each one of us is reached. 
  • No matter what is going on or how bad things may look those who are in Christ have God’s favor.  That means that if a situation does not feel like a blessing we are probably there to bring the blessing into that situation.  (If we have the light of God and find ourselves in darkness, God probably did not allow us to be in darkness to be sad because it is dark, but probably has us there to shine the light we have for others benefit).
  • Knowledge and insight is supposed to grow into love and it is something to seek and pray for.  Growing this love is key to being “blameless until the day of Christ”
  • Jesus can produce in us everything that comes from God’s approval which implies that there is no other way to get these things.  Once a person possesses these things from God’s approval, THEN it is possible to bring glory and praise to God.

A = Application

I am going to pray for more knowledge and insight that leads to the God kind of love that comes from Christ and brings God’s approval.


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