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This page is a page focussed on information about small groups associated with larger churches or small groups that function as churches.  There are discussions on church topics such as church models, types of studies, church planting and many more as well as some online studies and curricula for use in small group studies and some studies done online for sharing with all.

The basics of The S.E.A. of Galilee Fellowship studies are the following ideas:

Matt 4:18-19 “As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers,…”. “‘Come, follow me,”I will make you fishers of men.’

The S.E.A. Bible study method
A passage of scripture is posted in it’s entirety each week. Each one of us is to prayerfully read the scripture looking for insight, questions, new things God reveals, etc. (meditate on the Word)
Each member of the group discusses (writes) an explanation of the passage in his or her own understanding including anything new that he or she noticed in the passage or when meditating on the passage. A simple outline to follow which helps study the scripture is to use these three questions:
1. What was God saying about himself?
2. What is God saying about people or ot people?
3. What is God saying to me in this passage?
The application is summed up in a simple question. Knowing that the creator and ruler of the universe speaks through this passage what will I do differently in my life now that I have studied this passage? It is a good idea to set a short term plan. An example is to use words such as: “For the next 2 weeks I will”


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