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S.E.A. of Galilee Fellowship Bible Study Outlines

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All of the studies outlines are designed to lead small groups to discovering God’s truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit to the individual and to the group.  The design is to keep the focus firmly on God and less on the trained experts etc. as the crutch we lean on.  The format can be used by small groups at traditional churches by house churches and similar models and some can be used in classroom settings that allow for breaking into small groups.

These studies are not designed to be just about learning however, the focus is on going from learning, to doing to living what God has revealed or God reveals to you in these studies

The studies are created to use the same discovery concepts the S.E.A. of Galilee Fellowship uses for all studies:

S = SCRIPTURE; read and discuss a passage

E = EXPLANATION; look at questions that help explore and discover what the passage is really saying (what God is saying through this particular passage to mankind, to your household and specifically to you)

*  There will usually be questions to help with the conversation

A = APPLICATION; participants make a commitment to take action on what was revealed as what God wants from us through the study (the teaching them to obey from The Great Commission.

The studies are designed for leadership to be done by a person who is facilitating the study and not by a teacher etc. the facilitator’s main job is to get everyone involved in the discussion for each question.

The other task the facilitator has is to teach the group to lovingly ask “Where do you see that in this passage” if someone brings up something that is not related to the passage being discussed or some perceived heresy.

The hope is that you will make disciples that learn to obey all that the Bible teaches instead of just what they pick out of the 2% of what a person hears when lectured to remember and maybe change those things (often not).  Transformed lives that go out and transform lives in the same way.   Discovery Study can make that 2% relevant and not just 2% if done in conjunction with traditional teaching methods or it can be an excellent teaching method in and of itself.

I hope these are a blessing to you and many others,

W. Lawrence Hess



Available Studies


Prayer Discovery Bible Study For Small Groups



One Anothers/Each Others Discovery Bible Study For Small Groups



Church (What the New Testament Calls Church) Discovery Bible Study For Small Groups



Marriage Discovery Bible Study For Small Groups



Church Planters and Missionaries of the New Testament (How They Did Ministry) Discovery Bible Study For Small Groups



Magic, Astrology, Demon Worship and Necromancy Bible Study for Small Groups



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