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Church Bible Study for Small Groups

Not all questions...

Not all questions… (Photo credit: Lee J Haywood)

Welcome to the page for the “Church Bible Study for Small Groups”.  This discovery study outline is for studying the New Testament concept of church without all of the opinions and additives that come with denominations, cultural norms and cultural comfort zones.  This is a look at the concept from the Bible as inspired by God.

With all of the discussion of the “Western Church Model” and the battle between more traditional models of church, more creative cell based models and house church models there is such a push of information to prove one side of the argument or other that I thought it might be important to just look at what the Bible says about it in small group discovery settings.

The studies are created to use the same discovery concepts the S.E.A. of Galilee Fellowship uses for all studies:

S = SCRIPTURE; read and discuss a passage

E = EXPLANATION; look at questions that help explore and discover what the passage is really saying (what God is saying through this particular passage to mankind, to your household and specifically to you)

A = APPLICATION; participants make a commitment to take action on what was revealed as what God wants from us through the study (the teaching them to obey from The Great Commission.

The studies are designed for leadership to be done by a person who is facilitating the study and not by a teacher etc.  the facilitators main job is to get everyone involved in the discussion for each question.

The other task the facilitator has is to teach the group to lovingly ask “Where do you see that in this passage” if someone brings up something that is not related to the passage being discussed or some perceived heresy.

The study can be accessed by clicking https://seaofgalilee.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/church-bible-study.pdf

You can print the PDF file from there or you can go back and forth to the page for reference as needed.

Be blessed in your homes and in your ministries,

W. Lawrence Hess


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